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Colleges and Universities Wants To Comply - Partner With Us

Partner with the leader - At Proactive Sports Compliance, we're pioneering the scientific approach of NCAA rules compliance.  Over the past several years, we've conducted almost two dozen research studies and have developed numerous documents on using a Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) approach to achieve NCAA compliance excellence.  Our research-based thought leadership makes us a natural - and rewarding partner to institutions nationwide. 

Together, we can do great things - We've partnered with many firms and organizations to deliver NCAA compliance excellence to colleges and universities nationwide.  Continue to review our website to discover some of the ways we can make your institution more compliant.   

We Work With Leaders Who Are Willing To Comply... A CACMS Approach Will Achieve Excellence

Our collegiate athletic compliance consulting firm, Proactive Sports Compliance, continues to build strong partnerships with colleges and universities in California and throughout the country.

Our target clients are all Division I, II and III colleges and universities that are subject to NCAA, conference or institutional requirements, or those simply seeking to proactively get a better handle on their NCAA compliance obligations.

We seek to form partnerships with individuals and institutions that will help us deliver our services.  Some of them include:

  • Oversight Agencies (NCAA, etc.)
  • Athletic Compliance Consultants
  • Athletic Directors 
  • Faculty Athletic Representatives
  • Compliance Administrators
  • College and University Presidents and Chancellors 
  • Conference Commissioners
  • Law Firms / Attorneys
  • NAAC / Trade Groups 
  • Government Agencies

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