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Above and Beyond Your ​NCAA 

Compliance Obligations

Helping Colleges and Universities Nationwide 

Achieve NCAA Compliance Excellence

The Driving Force for NCAA Compliance Excellence 

Proactive Sports Compliance is a unique sports compliance consulting firm located in Southern California.  Our consultancy was established to help colleges and universities nationwide achieve NCAA compliance excellence through the rational development and implementation of our comprehensive collegiate athletic compliance management system framework.

Our in-depth experience with this comprehensive and systematic approach to NCAA compliance improvement and management system development is reflected in our commitment and passion for effective NCAA rules compliance.  We are committed to providing the highest quality, custom-tailored consulting services that foster proactive NCAA compliance excellence.

Our Story 

In brief, our story started in 2010 where we did a soft launch of our consultancy and framework, but pulled it back after having second-thoughts about the sophistication of our impending audience and the close-knit construct of members of the collegiate athletics compliance industry.  Although the idea and passion never waned, we opted to delay our launch because we didn't believe our solution was quite ready to solve the problems of the industry based on readiness and deliverability.  However, following several additional years of reflection, research, and digging into NCAA published data and fine-tuning our solution, we have every confidence that our current framework is what colleges and universities have been waiting for, not to mention seeing all the negative press surrounding the industry.   

Rainford Hunter is the founder and president of Proactive Sports Compliance, and developer of our Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) framework.  He's an outside-of-the-box thought-thinker and former veteran environmental engineer who is currently pioneering the field of research-based and data-driven NCAA rules compliance.  He's a former Division 1 track athlete himself, and also served as a former Division 1 sprints and hurdles coach at a prestigious university in Southern California.  Every member of his family has competed in Division 1 athletics, of course with the exception of his fifteen year-old daughter.  

Rainford's motivation is to demonstrate how using a collegiate athletic compliance management system approach can significantly improve NCAA compliance performance.  An experienced compliance consultant, he draws on his technical background and his own deep experience as a former state government regulator and his long-standing interest and involvement in the sports industry to fully transition to collegiate athletic compliance.  Most recently, he served as an independent consultant helping companies subjected to complex government regulations strive for compliance excellence.  He did this through the development and implementation of a similar compliance management system framework.  It is this framework, knowledge, and passion for collegiate athletic compliance that made him decide to transition to helping colleges and universities find a unique solution to solving their NCAA compliance challenges and obligations.  The framework he's introducing has worked well in the industry he was once involved, even among large fortune 500 companies with established staff dedicated to regulatory compliance. 

How to Resolve Your Collegiate Athletic Compliance Issues