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NCAA Rules Compliance

Our new Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) framework 

Is the groundbreaking solution the NCAA compliance industry have been waiting for

Pioneering Changes in Collegiate Athletic Compliance

A different and more systematic approach to NCAA compliance!

The idea of what constitutes an effective athletic compliance program has changed.  Historically, colleges and universities viewed athletic compliance as complying with rules established by the NCAA and as a set of policies with in-person training delivered to athletic staff and student-athletes.  It isn't a program, it is a set of requirements driven by established internal policies.  The best tie to the institution is some input on the policies and participation in the training.  The approach is not proactive, nor is it comprehensive or systematic.  Simply put, the current approach is not as effective as it needs to be.  A CACMS approach will change all that.

Our introductory video provides a broad overview of how our Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) 

framework can help you solve many of your complex NCAA compliance challenges... take a listen!

A CACMS Approach Offers Groundbreaking Solution 

for NCAA Compliance

Try as you might, it certainly is difficult to ensure NCAA compliance of your institution single-handedly, let alone using outdated methods. It’s time to embrace change in order to successfully meet and exceed the rules established by the NCAA for your athletic programs and avoid possible infractions and hefty penalties.  

Within recent months for example, several institutions were penalized for providing extra-benefits to student-athletes for exceeding total cost of housing.  One response to the NCAA stated that it was simply not intentional.  However, since the NCAA is the oversight body responsible for rules compliance and with enforcement authority, these explanations will typically not be considered justification for violating the rules.  In most cases, the NCAA will conclude that the institution would have benefitted from gaining an unfair competitive advantage for using ineligible student-athletes to participate. 

To proactively address these problems, institutions will need to trust our forward-thinking team at Proactive Sports Compliance to help improve your NCAA  compliance performance and culture as we are in the process of helping many colleges and universities with similar challenges.

Creating a culture of integrity and ethics to improve NCAA compliance performance requires a team effort

We are an innovative research-based and data-driven sports compliance consulting firm pioneering the use of a new collegiate athletic compliance management system framework.  This is used to help colleges and universities understand how to better meet and exceed your NCAA compliance obligations.

We are different from others in that we do not perform investigative work, nor do we offer legal advice.  We proactively help colleges and universities minimize or significantly reduce infractions associated with relevant institutional, conference, and NCAA regulatory requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you solve many of your NCAA compliance challenges or to schedule an appointment with us. 

Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) Explained

The Collegiate Athletic Compliance Management System (CACMS) framework is that part of an overall collegiate athletic compliance management system that includes the following: 

            • Organizational Structure
            • Planning Activities
            • Responsibilities
            • Practices
    • Procedures
    • Processes
    • Resources 

It is a tool for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing, and maintaining an institution's athletic compliance policy.  It also has three important characteristics; it is comprehensive... it is proactive... it is systematic.

Our Mission Statement

We are an affinity sports compliance consulting firm which specializes in delivering an innovative and unique collegiate athletic compliance management system model to colleges and universities. We strive to build long-term relationships and passionately pursue collegiate athletic compliance solutions that are research-based and data-driven.

Our Collegiate Athletic Compliance Consulting Vision

Our vision is to become a market leader in the maturing collegiate athletic compliance consulting industry through delivering proactive and sustainable collegiate athletic compliance solutions to colleges and universities nationwide.

Meet the Team Behind CACMS